The 1st International Workshop on Software Ecosystem Architectures

Colocated with the 9th Joint Meeting Of ESEC/FSE

AUGUST 19, 2013


Peter Knauber
Jens Knodel
Mircea Lungu

Program Committee

Paris Avgeriou
Stefan Biffl
Jan Bosch
Carlos Cuesta
Christoph Elsner
Klaus M. Hansen
Rick Kazman
Rainer Koschke
Michele Lanza
John D. McGregor
Hausi Mueller
Flavio Oquendo
Elisa Y. Nakagawa
Romain Robbes
Alex. Serebrenik
Slinger Jansen
Andreas Winter
Carl Worms


The workshop will be a venue for both practitioners and researchers discussing problems, solutions and lessons learned related to software development in the context of multiple systems which are inter-dependent, interrelated or integrated. The goal of the workshop is to define challenges and find solutions for developers, integrators, and architects who work in such large open-source or industrial ecosystems.

We expect an interactive event, comprising the discussion of position papers, break-out groups, and plenary discussions.


We solicit submissions on technical topics related to scaling system architecture to the level of software ecosystems. What are relevant methods, processes, techniques and/or tools for architecting at scale? Which technical strategies are required to cope with the complexity of ecosystem architectures? How can architectural concepts assure end-to-end quality across system borders while keeping maintenance and evolution of the comprising systems independent from each other? What kind of capabilities do we need in terms of tools to analyze software ecosystems statically or monitor/diagnose them at run time?

  • Experience reports on best practices for architectural styles, tactics, or patterns vs. bad smells or anti-patterns in ecosystem architectures
  • Tools for inter-system static and/or dynamic analysis including but not limited to visualization, monitoring, and change awareness
  • Empirical studies of ecosystem phenomena as well as user needs in the context of software development within an ecosystem
  • Case studies of ecosystem architectures and their evolution
  • Working Processes for evolving software ecosystems as a whole that respect the autonomy of independent system contributors
  • Engineering methods for the design and documentation of evolving ecosystem architectures


Position papers should be no longer than 5 pages in the ESEC/FSE format. Submit your paper here.


Workshop proceedings will be published in the ACM digital library and will be made available electronically to all participants.


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